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How can I consider myself as writer for useful philosophy? I don't. Nevertheless I like to sit down and think of the concept of life and put it together in my mind. I do it all the time, well not all the time but often. Since I was a child. I remember I was less than 6 years old I when I asked about God and the creation from my source (my dearest sister). And I started then to collect the reasons and the assumptions about the way life is built up. It was that sunny day of summer in Tehran, in our old house where my mom was in the kitchen, as usual, and the sun was shining on our peach tree and I was sitting near by the fish pool in the middle of our small garden when the urge to understand the meaning of life was borne and kept me company till now.

In the passing time I learned a little from the famous philosophers like most of you know but I was most intrigued first by Rene Descartes with his famous sentence Cogito, ergo sum which took me out of illusionary probability and I started to make sense of my life. Although I did not understand the half of what he had to say, still I captured as much as I could take.
Later on I get to know my favorite philosopher and my number one in the entire human history mr. Baruch Spinoza who I admire most and kan't learn enough of him.