The following list would be the shortest list of my interests. I really could not remove any of them to make the list shorter. What I want to say is that removing any of these elements would have made me someone rlse.
  • Dreams
    One would find two words translating dreams in persian, and maybe in other languages too. One meaning refers to what we imagin in the day, for a short time or long or even for ever we wish it was true. And another term refers what we see when we sleep.
    I have a dedicated page for this matter. To see that click here.
  • Philosofy
    Always intrigued by great people who changed the history of human beeing by bringing new idea's. I figured out different cultures give priferrences to different people in the course of the history. People like Confusious might not be so famous as he is in the east and people like Spinoza might not be well known to the east. But I love them all.
  • Religion
    I have to admit that I always believed in something. Sometimes more than others. I used to be seeking the truth very seriously. And learned to open my eyes for other believes and listen to people and their point of views, and God knows how I longed to get something from high above too.
    All that jurney took me into disbelieve in people and finding peace in myself and leave God for after death.
  • Music
    I remember I was a teanager I had this question in my mind: How much do you want to put your life into music? I knew that this is an endles ocean and it can took my hole life and I would enjoy the hell out of it. But I wanted to make a compremise and I did. I decided not to be very well musician but always listen to good music and try to make some. So I played a couple of instruments like Santure, Block Flute, Guitar, Keyboard and Jimbe (tonbak).
  • Love
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • History
  • Sport
  • Programming
These are my interests in a different order.
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