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Shazzam makes it simple to edit and test WPF Pixel Shader Effects WPF shazzam-tool June 28, 2009 
3D Tools A collection of tools to help developers using the 3D features in the Windows Presentation Foundation.  WPF CodePlex June 28, 2009 
Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image  VPC Hard Disk Images for testing websites with different Internet Explorer versions on Windows XP and Windows Vista  .NET   
LINQPad LINQPad lets you interactively query SQL databases in a modern query language: LINQ. Kiss goodbye to SQL Management Studio!  LINQ   
XP PRO IIS Admin  XP Pro IIS Admin is a free tool for using on Windows 2000/XP Pro.  .NET   
Multiple IEs Install multiple versions of Internet Explorer on the same PC.  Web   
SnippetCompiler Compiles .NET snippet codes on the fly .NET June 30, 2009 
Reflector Explore .NET assemblies in an easy-to-understand, natural way .NET July 1, 2009 
Http Ping Ping a website from the port 80 Web  
DIG DIG is a TCP-based DNS client that supports most of the available data types. It has two operation modes - traditional and extended. In first mode it asks address or host name by the default means of Windows, just as any application does - you can use it for diagnostics of network setup .NET October 30, 2009 
Managed Spy ManagedSpy is a diagnostic tool, similar to Spy++. It shows managed properties, allows you to log events, and is a good example of using ManagedSpyLib. .NET  
Ultimate Gnome The "Ultimate Gnome" it's an icon theme for the GNOME linux desktop environment. It is a distro independent theme tested on Gnome 2.24.1 completely drawn with Inkscape. Every icon is drawn in a vectorial format (SVG/XML), and it is exported into a raster format (PNG) for fastest rendering on the screen. The work is published under a GPL v2, Hoping this will help those developers who need a GPL license to include this theme in their software. .NET  
Window Sizer Sizer is a freeware utility that allows you to resize any window to an exact, predefined size. .NET  
HttpAnalyzer IEInspector HTTP Analyzer is such a handy tool that allows you to monitor, trace, debug and analyze HTTP/HTTPS traffic in real-time. It is used by industry-leading companies including Web  
Snoop (Wpf Spy) allows you to spy/browse the visual tree and change properties ... amongst other things. WPF  
kdiff3 Open-Source Merge Tool .NET kdiff3  
MS Service Trace Viewer  .NET MSDN  
JustDecompile  JustDecompile is a stand-alone, free .NET decompiler which converts assemblies into source code .NET  
Showing 18 items