Who is Asghar?

This page is all about me. All my contact information, skills, interests and you name it.
The idea of making this site came to me when I realised that I have to give a URL when filling a form on the internet for people to know who I am. Then I already knew that I don't want to share my private life with every one and yet I want to give them a hint that yes I do have a private life too. So I decided to make this site and refer everyone to this url when they want to know about me.
... so, who is Asghar?
I remember I have always been seeking to find the right answers to this question and I managed to make quite some progress in that too. I wish I could say that I know myself much better than my fellows but that is not true I'm afraid. I am though a lot aware of myself but I still surprise myself from now and then.
        Though to find true myself in this jurney, rather I've found myself different than this sole.
You need to read all the pages in this site and take some time with me to get to know me better but I figured that I might not be so intresting for you to keep up with me and that's why I put a snippet of the latest version of the first question below:
I have always been good and try to figure out what is better. I help people without any expectation. I don't expect anyone to lie to me and when I figure it out I will never forget.
There are so many wishes I already gave up because I don't see I can get it and I try to get what I hope I can get it. To get there I plan.
Knowledge is the sweetest thing after music; and dance is easiest thing when you don't mind; and love is the only true GOD that overwelms everything.